MANIFESTATION # 3 : The 1st publication from Cancermakhluk - a booklet and CD . Each booklet comes with an A4 oversize heavy card stock and an A5 booklet inside. As part of the Solritual, this will be made available on the Wednesday night of the 12th of December. Certain evokers have chosen to contribute dystopian meditations to the compilation. And all participating evokers thoughts and manifestations are documented in the booklet. The offering is bounded by an obi strip with a woodcut print of the rune Kenaz & Mannaz - read right to left - to denote the Opening / Knowledge & the Self . The woodblock is hand engraved, hand cut and printed red on red. The 1st 8 copies come exclusively with a screenprinted insert sigil / seal / logo of Solritual and CM on heavy stock card. The rest come only with CM logo.The Solritual sigil has been conjured by the magikal eye of Abre Ojos and CM's by 407ART of Sweden. Each offering will be consecrated with a mixture of incense and herbs for potent, deep hallucinatory listening. A slew of death industrial, drone ritualism, isolationist spheres and heavy electroniks. Onward to the Southern Sol !!! 1. ROHKONTROL : DOA - KEBAKARAN DI TANAH SELATAN 2. VOIDHANGER : VXASVX 3. VOIDHANGER : YRASTRVH 4. ROTTEUR : AUTOPSY WHILE SENSATE 5. GRIST : THE BEAUTY OF DECLINE 6. ABRE OJOS : GATES THROWN OPEN 7. ROHKONTROL : DOA - MATAHARI SELATAN