On air with Ear of the Behearer, an avant sound, abstract and experimental radio program, hosted by Paul Kidney on PBS FM 106.7. I will talk about the motivation and intent of the upcoming Solritual which will take place on the 12th Dec (121212 ) at Bar Open and 21st Dec at Tapeprojects Space as part of the Litha:Summer Solstice. In addition, I will be playing selected tracks by ritual evokers who have contributed exclusively to a CD & booklet that will be made available on the 121212. For the restless nocturnal spirits, tune in to the dead of the night 2am this Friday morning, 30th November. A recorded podcast will be made available as well for future listening. Onwards to the Sun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.pbsfm.org.au/earofbehearer ..................... For those who need to figure out the right time zone..... http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ ................... http://www.cancermakhluk.tumblr.com