'299,792,458 m/s' DVD Launch Show - this Saturday at Conduit Arts

8pm, Saturday November 17
Conduit Arts, 83 Brunswick St Fitzroy
Entry $10

To mark the release of their latest DVD Infinite Decimals are presenting a multimedia performance event at one of Melbourne's newest arts spaces - Conduit Arts. The evening will feature experimental film screenings, as well as a rare live set by the Ghost of 29 Megacycles.

 Infinite Decimals' set will feature 8mm and 16mm projections, burning celluloid, prisms, lasers and digital image manipulation, alongside the group’s intensely minimal instrumental improvisations.

The DVD is the work of the group's projectionist, Paul Rodgers. Paul was a founder of London's legendary Loophole Cinema and pioneer of expanded cinema. He combines physical collage, burning celluloid, found footage and digital treatments to create beautiful and hypnotic visions. The soundtrack is from Infinite Decimals' most recent CD '10992905085008​.​.​.’ (Fallopian Tunes, 2012)A preview of the DVD can been seen at www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I1JyBnnc04

The Ghost of 29 Megacycles is the nom de son of Greg Taw, noted for his avant-pop and ethereal dronescapes. He will give a special outdoor performance accompanied by hypnotic Dream Machine visuals and relayed into the main space via audiovisual feed.

These performances will be interspersed with screenings of works by noted experimental filmmakers Dirk De Bruyn and Lee Smith: 

Dirk De Bruyn: Understanding Science (18 minutes 16mm 1992).
 "Understanding Science is about breakdown of meaning, breakdown of relationship, trying to exist in that space between meaninglessness and understanding, at its cusp, its node, its no-man's land.. It is a melting pot of more than just fragments of images, there are clusters of things, ideas, sounds, words, that swim in and out of your attention. I wanted this film to be a dense multidimensional collage of automatic writing, sound poetry and abstracting strings of images." Program notes: Scratch Film Festival. UWA. Perth 1997

Dirk de Bruyn has been making experimental films and performing with them for more that 40 years and is currently teaching at Deakin University. His 16mm work is available from the Film Study Collection at the National Film and Sound Archive, Canberra and screens at festivals internationally. 

Lee Smith: Cuna Soma + Tin Jan Istra (Experimental animation on 35mm & 16mm film & computer)

Tin Jan Istra (1994)
Tin Jan Istra, the name of a village in the former Yugoslavia, becomes the starting idea for a scratched and frenetically dancing handpainted mosaic. Forms rise, sink and reform in calligraphic gestures interrupted by found footage scratched into submission. music arranged and played by Anello Capuano.

Cuna Soma (16mm, silent, 7min, 2001).
Chromophilic splendor caught in the spell of luminosity, sweeping scratches with gestalt type movement, effecting a depth of field rarely seen in a camera-less film.

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