Immersion - Bluestone Church Arts - 10 & 12 Oct 2012

Imagine a church, but with no pews. Imagine a concert with no stage. Imagine being surrounded by musicians. Now imagine you're sitting on a beanbag, hot drink in your hand, being immersed in some of the greatest minimalist music ever written.

Good news! You don't have to imagine it, you just have to book tickets to Immersion! as part of the Melbourne Fringe! 

Program Includes:

In C, Terry Riley,
De Profundis: Arvo Part,
Viderunt omnes: PĂ©rotin 
Cocoon: Nat Grant. (Premiere)

and featuring the musical performances of:

Miranda Hill, Dan Richardson, Ruby Paskas, Laila Engle, SuYing Aw, Leah Scholes, Nat Grant, Yvette Audain, Rosie Savage, Arwen Johnston, Zachary Johnston, Jarrod Butler,

Melbourne Chamber Voices:
Steven Hodgson (dir.) John Weretka, Ben Owen, Jacob Lawrence, Daniel Thomson, Matthew Thomson.

For more information please visit: There are only 50 seats per performance, so booking is advised.

(forwarded from Miranda Hill)