The Häxan Curse - Revolt Oct 4-7 & 11-13 2012

The Häxan Curse is a unique Melbourne Fringe Festival Show theatrically presenting a deconstructed black comedy version of the cult 1922 film 'Häxan (Witchcraft through the Ages)' with a new live experimental electro rock score at Revolt Melbourne. With a new and radical narrative shift which walks a fine line between absurdism and social commentary, the recut tackles some poignant themes including gender inequality, blind mass consumerism, aging and kebab ethics.

Created by emerging Melbourne visual artist, writer and musician Giosuè Prochilo, after a string of bizarre events including a run-in with an oracle and the arrival of a surprise package, this work represents his first major piece where he attempts to create his own contemporary Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk or 'total artwork'.

Musically, he will bring disparate influences from industrial, dark ambient, musique concrète, progressive rock, classical and minimal techno into an eclectic live electro/analogue performance. Set in the striking industrial theatre space of The Loading Dock at Revolt with a haunting, Hitchcockesque introduction by a mysterious otherworldly messenger, this is truly entertainment of another kind.
At the Loading Dock @ Revolt Melbourne for 7 special late-night shows on

Oct 4 - 7 & 11 - 13, 11pm (Except Sunday Oct 7 show at 9pm)
Tickets: Full: $18, Conc. $13, Special: 4 for $10ea from  or at the venue (if not sold out).     (forwarded from Giosuè Prochilo)