Launch of Spectrum Magazine Archive

The launch of the web based Spectrum Magazine Archive can now be announced.  Noting that Spectrum Magazine was print based, I have finally caught up with the digital age and republished all content relating to the 5 released issues on the web.
For those who have not come across Spectrum Magazine before, it existed between 1998 and 2001 and focused on ambient, industrial, experimental, power electronics and neo-folk type genres, and particularly on the sounds and scenes broadly associated with Cold Meat Industry, Cold Spring Records, Loki Foundation, Malignant Records, Tesco Organisation, etc.
To keep the spirit of the print magazine alive, you can download PDF files of all 5 back issues of Spectrum Magazine. Some additional material including unpublished material is also included on the site.
(forwarded from Richard Stevenson)


Clinton said…
Link works for me.
Anonymous said…
The site was momentarily deactivated by an anti-spam program at due to the significant site traffic following the site’s launch. Issue has now been rectified and site reactivated. Should be working fine.