Get set for more wild outsider instrument action
Hand Made Music Wed Oct 3rd

Cleaning lady Hear the new synth build, fully tweaked and calibrated. Full frequency freak out - 0.5Hz rumble to 40KHz dog whistling!

Tim Catlin Post preparative electric guitar - enveloping sustain and quirky tones from the master of fretted fun.

Dean Stanton Unveils his latest hard waste creation direct from Bendigo - The Absurdifier (pictured) made from a recycled organ & 20 discarded hi-fi speakers using a separate lantern battery for each key. Complex percussion, industrial drone, machine replication and more!

Wednesday 3rd October - the first Wed of every month, 
8:30pm at the Wesley Anne 250 High St Northcote $10/15 
Tell your weird friends and invite them to the Facebook event!

Then in November… Wed 7th

Shred Not a rear building where happy hacks happen but its Victor Meertens on voice with Braybrook junk sculpturalisn’ts Alexis Ensor crude horns noise outside the cabinet.

Donkeys Muthers of Arse aka Shane VanderAkker Parabolic microphone driven vocals - you can look a donkey in the mouth before saying yes!

Rosalind Hall Tiny variations on an instrument that is crying for it. Handmade ground breaking saxophone reed manufacturing from various materials - some found, some purchased (with cash)