Automation - Substation - 29 Sept 2012

AUTOMATION – Robotic Percussion Expo

Saturday 29th September

The Substation, 1 Market Street, Newport

Featured Artists include Ernie Althoff, Robbie Avenaim, Matt Gardiner, Adam Simmons and Graeme Leak.

Performance Installations

1pm-4pm across various spaces in The Substation

Created & presented by the 2012 Speak Emerging Artists: Jonathan Griffiths, Yvonne Lam, Rebecca Lloyd-Jones, Kaylie Melville, Anna Ng, Zela Papageorgiou and Hugh Tidy.

Community Performance

6pm, main space The Substation

Premiere of a massed percussion work featuring Speak Percussion, the 2012 Speak Emerging Artists and students participating in our AUTOMATION School Holiday Program.

Showcase Performance

8pm, main space The Substation

Premiere of a collaborative work featuring guest artist Robbie Avenaim with Speak Percussion and the 2012 Speak Emerging Artists.

(forwarded from Ernie Althoff)