swiss improv in bendigo. wed august 15

undue noise is excited to present 2 swiss improv groups on wednesday night.

old fire station, view st, bendigo, 8pm, $10

Leon is a bass duo consisting of Raphaël Ortis Louis Schild initiated
by the Insubordinations Netlabel and premiered for the label’s
Microfestival in January 2011. This meeting allowed to work and to lay
down several principles of improvisation as well as a better
understanding of the dynamics created by a two-bass playing. Fairly
quickly, the project has expanded and now becomes a trio with variable
geometry by inviting a drummer or a percussionist as different as
possible on each concert, in order to constantly renew the sound
language. Mechanical tearings or organic squeaks, the instrument is a
tool to instinctively express the sound whose form has to be
constantly re-carved. In this way, the fundamental aesthetic choices
are related to the basic instrumentation, namely two basses, and are
inspired by the meetings to expand the artistic discourse while
keeping free and spontaneous improvisation as a guideline.

The Swiss noise improvisation trio dQtç (Lionel Friedli – drums /
Vincent Membrez – Minimoog / Antoine Läng – voice and electronics)
like to rush headlong into chaotic electronic rhythms and accidents to
extract sound events and turn them, once stubbornly repeated, into
patterns, sometimes through long psychedelic progressions, in order to
finally reveal a frame. Essentially built on an approach to
improvisation meant to be versatile and nervous, dQtç multiply the
opportunities to experiment with new modes, mostly asymmetric and
ramshackle to the limit of explosion, in search of an intensity of
speech that can only be found through an urgence of gesture.