Dead Boomers and Wife

The idea of irrefutable truth is the bedrock of public discourse. It is used to form opinions and decide alignment within argument. But these fervently held beliefs -- often taken as unimpeachable gospel -- are built on subjective presentations of fact.

Taking the public furore surrounding the Lindy Chamberlin case as source material, Dry Process acknowledges the subjectivity at the heart of public truth and invites participation in the creation of yet another version through the window of the photocopier plate.

Workshops will be conducted over the course of the exhibition, creating new interpretations and perspectives. All are welcome to participate.

Dry Process is a collaboration between music groups Dead Boomers (Mark Groves and Leith Thomas) and Wife (Samaan Fieck and Eric Demetriou). The groups have created a series of sound works to accompany the installation. These will be released on cassette and digitally in the coming weeks.

Opens Friday 10th August 7pm
Rear 244 Smith Street Collingwood
Closes Friday 31st August 6pm
Wed-Sat 12-6pm