COOPER COLLECTIVE DUOS @ MUSIKUNST ---- 4pm Saturday 25th August 2012

MUSIKUNST is happening on the last Saturday of every month in the basement of The Great Britain Hotel 447 Church St Richmond. Doors open at 4:00pm, performances start at 4:30pm and entry is $5 / $10
This month on Saturday 25th August are:


Clinton Green (gramophone)
Evelyn Morris (drums)
Harriet K Militus (drums)
Michael Pulsford (drums)
Rod Cooper (electric guitars & gramophone)

The collective will perform duos with Rod Cooper. Drum kits will be arranged throughout the space. Cooper, having recently extended his noise work with two electric guitars with motorised strings added to his plant of handmade sound objects, will move between them instrumentally and with the odd blues song. There will also be a Gramophone duo with Clinton Green -- Cooper's concept was to invite other artists along, mainly drummers, who had expressed interest in playing with him. Cooper's long fascination with the work of drummers, due to the denial of a drum kit as a child, is the main reason for this particular focus. Whilst he regrets this disappointing aspect of his rural upbringing he maintains the rage through his unique form of sonic expressionism via the sonic objects he creates.