Violins to Fences - State Library - 27 Jul 2012

Centre for Creative Arts Public Lecture

Presented by Jon Rose for the Centre for Creative Arts Public Lecture, as part of the 2012 Executive Dean's Lecture Series.

Violins to Fences

A Life of Experimentation in Music

At one end of the continuum is the violin - iconic, an instrument of perfection, a bastion of western culture; at the other end is the fence – metaphor for duality, the instrument of our species' desire for control, ownership, and exploitation.
For most of the last forty years, Jon Rose has explored the musical possibilities of the string and the wire in all sizes and situations. In this lecture he connects the radical with the traditional, and the unique experience with the commonplace, in a practice of music that has led him into previously unexplored sonic worlds and sometimes into confrontation.

Date and Location:

Date: Friday 27 July 2012
Time: 6.00pm
Location: Village Roadshow Theatrette - State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Cost: This is a free public lecture.
Light refreshments will be provided.
Seats are limited so register here.

(forwarded from Jon Rose)