Various Artists - IO

Various Artists - IO
Brothersister Records
Release date: July 20th, 2012

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Recommended tracks
[1. Okey Szoke: Virus], [4. Erothug: Goldness Variation]

IO is a compilation of six LED-lit dance tracks from artists in the Brothersister stable, extending motifs of constant and rhythmic data flow into spacious, tactile worlds that respond to elements of house, RnB and Jersey club.

Siren, Okey Szoke's opening salvo rains down sheet-metal synths and tide of blistering snares, paired with polyrhythmic sub-bass. Kharkov's Rise steps into a cavernous space, installs an 808 drum machine and gradually illuminates the space. Volcano Massage's We Get Money dives back into the halcyon days of early club music, revelling in simplicity: a track for the honeys. Goldness Variations brings Erothug's low and steady sweat towards a symphonic and ringing shimmer, before dropping ten floors into clean sub-bass. Pompey's Tactels brings trap snares and sliding chandelier tones into a courting ritual that endlessly revolves. In Virus, DEADV refuses to acknowledge the chemical burn at the end of night with his acidic live recording of dense, skittering strobes. 

IO showcases a distinct vein of contemporary antipodean dance music. Technology and feel; the resolution is mesmerising.

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About the artists
Okey Szoke, Kharkov, Pompey, Erothug and DEADV live and work in Melbourne.
Volcano Massage is based in Kuala Lumpur. The artists on this comp have been working together for a number of years;  see for a complete discography.

1. Siren by Okey Szoke
2. Rise by Kharkov
3. We Get Money by Volcano Massage
4. Goldness Variation by Erothug
5. Tactels by Pompey
6. Virus by DEADV (with Nicholas Peric and Adrian Mancuso) 

About Brothersister
BROTHERSISTER RECORDS, established 2003, is an independent music label based in
Melbourne, Seoul and Kuala Lumpur with a focus on experimental and electronic music.

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