School Girl Report - Disco Beans - 24 Jun 2012

School Girl Report (they’ve been labelled wobble-cheek, glow, renovation/hesitation rock, hip hop, foot-drag, blonde fog, tropical punks… see what you will call them.)

The Zingers (Melbourne’s most twisted band)

Justin Fuller (Zond / Throbbing techno one second, soothing sounds for babies the next)

Alex Cuffe (Sky Needle / The Godfather of New Primitive)

+ DJ Spiderturkey (Aesthetics / Satanic Rockers)

School Girl Report’s last Melbourne show before heading off to tour China with xNoBBQx.

The night will be broadcast (video & sound) live on Radio Valerie so you won’t even have to leave your couch to be there.

+ 100s of photos of Oaktree Blossom sleeping upstairs.

Disco Beans
Sunday 24th of June

(forwarded from Samuel Miers)