Salutations to the Sun - BMW Edge - 20 Jun 2012

domenico de clario
from the opaque: salutations to the sun
a dusk to dawn improvised performance at BMW Edge, Fedderation Square as part of The Light In Winter Festival - from 6:43pm june 20 (nautical twilight ends) - until 6:33am june 21 2012

domenico de clario - piano
janette hoe - body
david palliser - saxophones
don rogers - percussion

At a pivotal point of the Light in Winter Festival Melbourne artist, Domenico Ce Clario performs ‘from the opaque’ at BMW Edge, Federation Square - an all night performance in celebration of the Southern Hemisphere's Winter Solstice.

The event begins at twilight on June 20 (6.43pm), running throughout the night until just before dawn on June 21 (6.33am). Domenico will be joined by dance/body artist Janette Hoe, percussionist Don Rogers and saxophonist David Palliser.

This event will be filmed creating a live broadcast to the main stage screen in federation Square and a documentary will be produced from this footage also.

It is a free event and people are encourgaged to drop in at any time and stay for any duration. 

Watch a short ABC interview with Domenico De Clario here: -