MUSIKUNST - - 10pm Thu 28th June 2012 - - basement the noise experimental from

MUSIKUNST is a new gig happening on the last Thursday of every month in the basement of The Great Britain Hotel 447 Church St Richmond. Start time is 10pm and entry is $5 - Kicking it off on Thursday 28th June are:

I A N   W A D L E Y
Ian likes to use a looping pedal, sparsely, mainly in the upper register, not necessarily knowing where the loop begins and ends. The result is part emotive melody, part crazy racket - "like Derek Bailey channelling Jimi Hendrix" as one writer put it (ecstatic Peace 2005 roundup). Look

_F L A T H E A D_ 
Terry McDermott (software) and Piers Morgan (hardware). Feedback guitar discharges textures ranging from delicate and brittle to cacophonous and dense. These sonic streams are refracted by frozen percussive interjections and granulated using custom-built software, to be projected into the void. listen