Undecisive God & Ernie Althoff dual CD launch - Conduit - 9 Jun 2012

Iceage Productions and Shame File Music presents a dual CD launch:

Undecisive God "RPMs 5,6,7" CD (Iceage Productions) - This series of compositions for prepared turntables continues with three pieces that feature unplugged acoustic turntables, empty turntables and a live multi-performer recording featuring 6 turntables. Rounded out with an abrasive live cut. The liners also contain Green's ruminations on the evolution of his turntable project (limited edition of 100 copies).

Ernie Althoff "Moggs Creek Picnic Ground" CD (Shame File Music) - Showcasing for the first time Althoff's field recording work, this single-take, unedited 70 minute recording (divided into 70x 1 minute tracks) was made by Althoff in 2004 at the titular picnic ground in the Otway Ranges, Western Victoria. It captures near-magical interactions between a plethora of birdlife against a backdrop of windblown eucalyptus trees (the bird calls of different species are detailed in Althoff's liner notes).  Moggs Creek is sublime listening as either ambient soundscape or for those interested in native bird song.

Both CDs will be launched on Saturday 9 June at Conduit Arts Initiative, 83 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy:

Undecisive God (Clinton Green)
Sean Baxter
Ernie Althoff
Em Vecue Aquieu

As well as playing solo material, Baxter and Green will also perfom a duo with Green playing broken/warped shards of Baxter's Solo Drum Improvisations LP.

From 8pm.  $5 entry. Facebook event.

CDs available on the night, from local independent stores including Missing Link/Collectors Corner & Polyester City, or order online from Shame File Music.  Shame File also stocks Undecisive God and Althoff's back catalogue (including free downloads), Baxter's Solo Drum Improvisations LP, & Em Vecue Aquieu's new Lightlike cassette.