Odious Pegboard - Tape Projects - 6 May 2012

MAY 6th 2012 brings the fourth and FINAL instalment of ODIOUS PEGBOARD, a series of fortnightly Sunday afternoon free sound gigs at Tape Projects. So far this series has been has been enjoyed by all who have attended (or we like to tell ourselves that anyway). This weekend should see our continuation of collected sonic eclecticism so please come down and treat your ears for the final afternoon.

These shows drawn upon some of the most reclusive of Melbourne based sound makers, along side what looks to be the only melbourne performance by the UK's Simon Whetham. Most of those involved play very rarely, some leaving their bedrooms only to feed their cats or to collect more rubbish from the streets. Here is you chance to hear them make some sounds for your listening pleasure!

ODIOUS PEGBOARD #4 MAY 6th - Simon Whetham field recordings and resonances captured during his travels this year through usa, mexico, colombia, argentina, australia formed into an immersive and meditative composition. Jessie Scott+Alice Hui-Scheng Chang  live and screened, acoustic and projected, spontaneous and fragmented. Live and video bodies will redefine one another on alternate trajectories, the outcome being an objectification of live performance, and a live performance of an object. tarab carefully arranged sonic rubbish Tim Catlin expect other-worldly drones, ghost harmonics and ethereal glissandi....just don't count on hearing any conventional guitar sounds

Entry is FREE - starts 4pm ends 7pm (as we have four performances this week please come early!!)

Tape Projects 1/81 Bouverie St. Carlton Vic.

oh and please feel free to pass info on...to invite friends real or imaginary....

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