Iceage Productions: 3 new releases.

ICE012: Undecisive God - RPMS 5,6,7 (CD)

This series of compositions for prepared turntables continues with three pieces that feature unplugged acoustic turntables, empty turntables and a live multi-performer recording featuring 6 turntables. Rounded out with an abrasive live cut. The liners also contain Green's ruminations on the evolution of his turntable project (limited edition of 100 copies). $10 (+ postage).

ICE013: White Tiger A:. A:. - White Tiger A:. A:. (CD)

White Tiger A:. A:. are a South Australian noise act consisting of members of Grong Grong, Die Like A God, Glamville, Hack, Viva Vas Deferens, Guitar Jazz Collective and Slub to name but a few. This album incorporates elements of improvised guitar noise, electronic and drone music with occult overtones (limited edition of 100 copies). $10 (+ postage).

ICE014: Monolith - The Lust Branch (CD)

Monolith has taken a 1951 recording of one of Grainger’s Free Music experiments (created using a modified reed organ microtonally tuned to 48 tones per octave equal temperament, reading hand-cut paper rolls pianola-style), originally only two minutes in length, and stretched it out to just over an hour, allowing us to explore the deep microtonal worlds between notes that Grainger sought to reveal. Liner notes by Clinton Green (limited edition of 100 copies). $10 (+ postage).

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