Dronestock - Northcote Uniting Church - 2 Jun 2012

After an extremely long absence we have returned with our first show for 2012. A sequel to one of our most successful events!


The 2012 incarnation will match its predecessor on all fronts. This time around taking place within the acoustically savvy Northcote Uniting Church.


Grey Skies Blue / is an experimental documentary about protest, power and the possibility of change. Utilising interviews and imagery from the S11/Melbourne World Economic Forum demonstrations of 2000, Grey Skies Blue documents the experiences of a community gathered at a political demonstration. Featuring an original soundtrack performed live by Seth Rees (Amplifier Machine, The Spheres) and Guy Harris (The Spheres, Winternationale) the three screen documentary is an evocative encapsulation of a shared emotional experience - the crystallisation of a time, place and community of people who believed if but for a fleeting moment that “another world is possible”.

Em Vécue Aquieu / is the solo project from guitarist Sam Filmer. Creating ambient, spiritual sound, Sam builds an articulate spacial environment.
Experiencing his rare live shows, his sounds rise up with texture to gently fill the negative space between a nearby coffee grinder and a murmur from the back row. Chordal sound design together with heavily effected guitar, Em Vécue Aquieu explores experimentalism in classical structures without lending too often to silence. A persistent, lulling effect is translated, completely submersing everything in close proximity. This show also marks the official launch for his debut release "Lightlike".

Ollie Olsen / has amassed an incredible body of work in a variety of forms and projects: a chameleon-like artist delving into early punk/post-punk, industrial, with The Young Charlatans, Whirlywirld and NO, through to his electronic music, sound design, compositions for film and television and too many others to name.

Seaworthy / are a three piece collective that revolves around core member Cameron Webb as well as Sam Shinazzi and Greg Bird, exploring melodic and experimental approaches to the construction (and unravelling) of minimalist sound scapes from looped guitar, warm drones, piano, electronics and field recordings. The compositions often blur the lines of conventional categorisation with elements traditionally considered part of “indie” or “post” rock blended with processed musical and field recordings. Instruments and samples are looped through amps and effects pedals, giving the sound an organic feel concentrating on subtle shifts in melody, tone and texture to convey a sense of time and place.

Zac Keiller / seeks to discover new and unique sonic textures from one of the most overused and unimaginatively approached instruments in Western music: The guitar. The majority of his previous releases saw him working with ambient textures or electroacoustic improvisation. Whilst more recent efforts have seen him limiting the use of pedals, attempting to find a kind of transcendence through stark purity of tone, using the entire guitar, attempting to make it breathe with no smoothing out of the rough edges or slick over processing. The compositions vary and grow to tell stories and create mood, with an atmosphere in parts epic wall of sound, while at others minimal and sublime.

Monolith kick off the evening with their own brand of industrial space drone. Monolith conjur a unique atmosphere that is at both times, expansive yet contained. Taking inspiration from John Carpenter, Minit, Grey Wolves, Tangerine Dream, and Eliane Radigue to name a few, yet still managing to exist in a terrain of their own.

Saturday June 2nd.

This is an EARLY start show with doors opening and music beginning at 6PM.

$10.00. Northcote Uniting Church. 251 High St. Northcote.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/383156518393357/

(forwarded from Zac Keiller)