Odious Pegboard #1 - Tape Projects - 25 Mar 2012

MARCH 25th 2012 brings the first instalment of ODIOUS PEGBOARD, a series of fortnightly Sunday afternoon free sound gigs at Tape Projects. These shows draw upon some of the most reclusive of Melbourne based sound makers. Most of those involved play very rarely, some leaving their bedrooms only to feed their cats or to collect more rubbish from the streets. Here is you chance to hear them make some sounds for your listening pleasure!

ODIOUS PEGBOARD #1 MARCH 25th features Camilla Hannan (microphones and processed field recordings), Blue Plastic Sunshine (junk/ sound collage/ philosophers/ potato/ supermarket morality) and Nigel Brown + Matthew Davis (pulled apart-put back together accordion and synthesiser).

Entry is FREE - starts 4pm ends 7pm - Tape Projects 1/81 Bouverie St. Carlton Vic.

Future instalments of Odious Pegboard: Sunday April 8th Barbara Schröder - Dan Lucka - Mark Leacy+Sam Keena+Cooper Bowman Texas Dumpleton AKA RSI. Sunday April 22nd Xrtoq - Moffarfarrah - Chronox Sunday May 6th Jessie Scott+Alice Hui-Sheng Chang - tarab - Tim Catlin - Simon Whetham

(forwarded from Nigel Brown)