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Jerome Noetinger/Will Guthrie "Face Off"CD - French improv/experimental masters (Guthrie is a Melbourne expat, and Noetinger a frequent and cherished visitor) conjure an concise suite of exciting and tension-filled improvisations, combining Guthrie's exquisite percussion and Noetinger's virtuosic use of Revox. This is exciting, edge-of-your-seat experimental music. AU$22ppd

Clinton Green "Archive Nine: 2006" 2CD - The first disc features two now-unavailable tracks and a full live performance, all in collaboration with Melbourne ambient guitarist, Zac Keiller. The second disc features solo works for field recordings and guitar, previously unreleased or compilation-only tracks. Also of interest is a short piece commissioned for a law librarians conference! - AU$14ppd

Monolith CD - This focused and precise companion to Monolith's debut "Spectres" CD is arguably an even more compelling exploration of dark minimilast drone and industrial noise. Six different pieces make up this release. - AU$7ppd

James Rushford & Joe Talia "Paper Fault Line LP An amazing record...combines various things, such as improvisation, electro-acoustic music and composition. Massive blocks of sound are cut with sparse electronics, collage like but never chaotic or out of control. If anything, this reminded me of the old work of Mnemonist and Biota who worked from with similar ideas of improvisation and studio techniques, perhaps sometimes from a more rock context, whereas Rushford and Talia seem to have a more musique concrete like background. said Vital Weekly #804 - AU$35ppd (very limited copies available - be quick!)