Shame File Music new items, sale, and related gigs

New additions to Shame File Music:

Various Artists "The Shape of Sound: Volume 2" CD Another cross section of Melbourne's current experimental/noise scene, this time with a dual emphasis on newish acts (Penguins, Mad Nanna, Admin Bldg, Monolith) alongside "elder statesman" (Arthur Cantrill, Screwtape, Ernie Althoff, Undecisive God). AU$10ppd

Shame File also has a few copies left of last year’s Volume 1, featuring Infinite Decimals, Automating, Zac Keiller, Primitive Calculators and more.

“The Shape of Sound: Volume 2” will be launched in Melbourne this Friday Night, with some very special performances including the debut sound performance by Arthur Cantrill and the first live collaboration between Ernie Althoff and Undecisive God:

Friday Dec 9 (from 8:30pm) at the Grace Darling Hotel, 114 Smith St, Collingwood.
-Barnaby Oliver with Dark Passenger
-Oranj Punjabi
-Ernie Althoff with Undecisive God
-Arthur Cantrill

James Rushford & Joe Talia "Paper Fault Line LP An amazing record...combines various things, such as improvisation, electro-acoustic music and composition. Massive blocks of sound are cut with sparse electronics, collage like but never chaotic or out of control. If anything, this reminded me of the old work of Mnemonist and Biota who worked from with similar ideas of improvisation and studio techniques, perhaps sometimes from a more rock context, whereas Rushford and Talia seem to have a more musique concrete like background said Vital Weekly #804. Only a couple of copies of this import left, Shame File is the only Australian distributor at the moment, so be quick - AU$35ppd

Radical Creation "Primordial Sludge and Human Ethics" cassette Melbourne noise with an impressive range of dynamics and texture. Dubbed onto recycled spray-painted cassettes of Christain sermons. AU$7ppd

Stelarc - "Fractal Flesh" CD Recordings of sound/body performances from 1996-97. Stelarc used internet and live audience interactions causing involuntary physical movement via muscle stimulators in his actual and virtual limbs (such as his Third Hand), linked via MIDI controlls to sound outputs. - AU$27ppd

Elle - CD Harsh noise that ocassionally seems to have harmony at its source, and at the other scale goes to the extremes of distortion to create granulated textures - AU$10ppd

Sale items and special deals - only one copy remains of each of these items, so be quick!

Automating "Train in Vein" CD Ranging from manipulated field recordings and samples to industrial noise soundscapes littered with live music recordings, Sasha Margolis has created a considered and varied alternative to Y35.3's power electronics - AU$5ppd

Mark Cauvin "Transfiguration" 2 CD Reputedly the first of it's kind, a double CD tour de force of solo double bass, performing works from composers like Scelsi, Berio and more. - AU$10ppd

Gyanism "Yr Nicked" mini CD Brisbane noise shronk craziness featuring Scott Sinclair and Joel Stern among others. AU$4ppd

Kalimayat "Postbharata" CD Dymanic nosie running a range of intensities/frequencies - AU$5ppd

Melted Men 7" Strange mumblings over percussion and other random sound sources- AU$8ppd

Matthew O’Shannessy & Eamon Sprod “(untitled)” mini CD An alien soundtrack of electronics and (?) mouth sounds, creating two fresh and original sound pieces. - AU$4ppd

Slasher Risk - Triple Jesus CD A series of guitar based improvisations, ranging from ambient to industrial to noise. AU$5ppd

Smidirin "Coming into Existence" CD A cross-continental collaboration between Dr. Alien Smith of Lux Mammoth in Perth, and James Smith of W.I.T. in Melbourne - AU$5ppd

Solids "Possible Human" CD Forerunner to the Hi-God People, Solids present psychedelic noise collisions of guitar, drums and analogue synth - AU$5ppd

Sympathetic Division CD A collection of this Adeladian's best electronic/ambient material of the past few years, these tracks fill as many spaces as they leave in a balanced ambient workout - AU$5ppd

Various Artists "Stove Goats" CD Brisbane sound art denizens Urblooten (Joe Musgrove), Secret Killer of Names (Lloyd Barrett) and Company Fuck (Scott Sinclair) pay tribute to Burzam. Not for posers. AU$5ppd

Special offers:

Artefacts of Australian experimental music: Volume I and Volume II for only AU$50ppd

The entire NMATAPE series on CDR (11 discs) for AU$75ppd.

**Mark this Shame File Music house/backyard show in your calendar for January:

Quiet Noise – unamplified experimental music

-Ernie Althoff (with solar music machines from his classic Heliosonics CD, available from Shame File)
-Clinton Green (Undecisive God)
-Andrew McIntosh (Screwtape)

House/backyard show – BYO – Free
Saturday 14 Jan 2012, 2-6pm
15 Neil Street, West Footscray (5 min walk from Tottenham Station on the Sydenham/Watergardens line).

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