Alternate - West Space 5-7 Jan 2012


A Today Your Love Project

Jessie Scott and Alice Hui-Sheng Chang

8pm, 5-7 JAN 2012
at West Space

Meet downstairs of 225 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Tickets $10, Bookings essential to

…I was in a medieval walled-in town. A doctor was having his prostate operated on. We were planning a commitment ceremony…he started to look younger. We had broken some taboo law…

We all dream. It comes back to us in flashes, as secrets that we are too embarrassed to share, or as revelations that guide our decisions.

Alternate is a project developed through a residency in September 2011 as part of the Today Your Love Program. Inspired by the many dreams they collected during the residency, Jessie and Alice have created an immersive performance through voice and video, which evokes a dream journey and takes the audience across multiple sites in and around West Space.

Alternate draws you into the strange, slippery, liminal space between conscious and unconscious, real and imagined, text and subtext.

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