Utter, Undecisive God, Paul Fletcher Saturday in Castlemaine

Unusual objects producing unusual sounds and images: Abstract performance art at its finest.

Punctum presents Undue Noise
Sat 5th November 8pm $10

ICU 1 Halford St Castlemaine
enquiries 0421786595 or jacques@cajid.com

Utter: Threshold

Threshold is the latest in a series of evolving audio/visual improvisations by the Melbourne duo Utter. Using discarded office equipment, circuit bent toys and microscopic abstraction, Anthony Magen and John Jacobs transport you to an illuminated dream state via elemental transubstantiation, persistence of vision and the fungibility of vibration. Anthony Magen is a landscape architect, artist and the president of Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology. John Jacobs is a media designer and electronic poet who produces Radio National’s listening for pleasure program,The Night Air. Their recent performance at Westspace was one of the highlights of the gallery’s A Bunch of Twos series.
Undecisive God: acoustic turntables
Clinton Green’s Undecisive God project has been a mainstay of Australian experimental music since the 1990s. Initially concentrating upon guitars, Green’s current focus is upon prepared turntables as dynamic generators of random sound and percussive patterns. Green is also writer and researcher with an interest in the history of Australian experimental music. His Shame File Music label has released two volumes of the Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music series to critical acclaim.
Paul Fletcher: RiverOceanFog
One time drummer for legendary band Essendon Airport, Bendigo-based Paul now works wonders with animation, built contraptions & sound. Tonight he will produce an ocean of live image and sound experiments and pre-composed audiovisual performance. Permutations and mutations of sound and video footage captured in Central Vic and New Zealand may set out to disprove that a watched pot never boils.

Presented by Undue Noise and Punctum with assistance from Arts Victoria and cajid media.

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