Tuesday November 15th @ the Make It Up Club

Tonight at MIUC, electro-acoustic improv from Pyriphlegethon, featuring Adrian Sherriff, Sarah Whitteron and Graheme Croft‏ combining rarefied avant-clasical aesthetics with free improv abstraction. And Special Editions Residency Program, featuring, Mic and Brian O'Dwyer transcending their rock and grind roots with this new project of visceral free skronk.

  • Pyriphlegethon, featuring: Adrian Sherriff (laptop), Sarah Whitteron (voice) and Graheme Croft (contra alto clarinet)
  • Special Editions Residency Program, featuring: Michael O'Dwyer (guitar) and Brian O'Dwyer (drumkit) 

The Make It Up Club

Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
22/11/2011: Nat Grant and MV.
29/11/2011: Stephen Richards and Judith Hamann; Theorn Campbell; Lloyd Honeybrook and Scott Sinclair.
06/12/2011: CHILALA, featuring: James McLean, Jon Heilbron, Angus Leslie and James Bowers; Nela Trifkovic, Kyle Miller and Andrew Harrison.
20/12/2011: The Art of Noise, Curated by Kerrie Farnsworth and Shane van den Akker.