cleaninglady - duo and solo shows this week.

There are two excellent cleaninglady shows happening this week.

Firstly : 

Tomorrow night - Tues 29th Nov @ Make It Up Club as a duo with the brutal improvising Cello stylings of Judith Hamann.

This will be their second outing as a Duo ; following on from the the dialogue established at the Discobeans show a few weeks ago.

cleaninglady on homebrew analog modular synth / sequencer , Judith Hamann (Golden Fur) on Cello.

Entry : $10 and $5 Unwaged

Secondly :

cleaninglady (solo) Thurs 1st Dec at Racket #17

cleaninglady on homebrew analog modular synth / sequencer.

cleaninglady intends to explore the full frequency range of his hand made synth at this gig and give the Miss Libertine's P.A. a bit of a workout...

Come down and support this excellent night at Miss Libertines. 

Entry : $5 for everyone.