Visible Sessions - Curve Bar - 25 Nov 2011

On November 25th we will be presenting Visible Sessions: Adventures in Sound, which has seen two groups of experimental artists team up with two of Melbourne’s finest “world” music artists: Indian Bansuri player Vinod Prassana and Tibetan Drangyen player Tenzing Yeshi. The result is two unique and one-off performances that will be presented for the first time on November 25th. The day will showcase an infusion of traditional and contemporary styles interweaved with new and old technologies, with an overarching sound of the ancient East.
Rowan McNaught & Sam Szoke-Burke vs. Vinod Prassana
DIY instrument and sound makers Rowan McNaught & Sam Szoke-Burke are joining forces with Indian Bansuri maestro Vinod Prassana for an ecletic sound scape adventure.
Lavender vs. Rose & Tenzing Yeshi
Regular experimental collaborators Lavender vs. Rose are opening the doors to their technical wonderland, incorporating the sound of the traditional Tibetan stringed instrument the Drangyen played by musician Tenzing Yeshi.

(forwarded from Jess Fairfax)