Jack Ellitt - Sound Constructions

Jack Ellitt Sound Constructions (free download or CDR)
One of the most startling discoveries unearthed by Shame File Music’s landmark 2007 release Artefacts of Australian experimental music: 1930-1973 was undoubtedly the excerpt from Ellitt’s “Journey #1”, dated from the early 1930s. Ellitt’s (pictured here working with tape recorders in 1998) astounding proto-musique concrete work was previously known to only a handful of researchers, but Artefacts awoke a keen interest in this forgotten electronic music pioneer. Sound Constructions collects together all known Ellitt recordings (including the never-before-heard complete version of “Journey #1), spanning a period of 57 years, and integrates the steaming/downloadable tracks into an essay on Ellitt’s work and life written by Artefacts compiler and music historian, Clinton Green. This format is an attempt by Shame File Music to arrive at a new kind of online release that incorporates background information and analysis of the artist and his work to provide some context to Ellitt’s astounding yet little-known music. Stream/download Sound Constructions or purchase the CDR version from http://ShameFileMusic.com