Ernie Althoff "For Two On Blue" reissue

Ernie Althoff For Two On Blue reissue (free download or CDR)
The Ernie Althoff Cassette Archive continues to grow with the addition of Althoff’s 3rd cassette release, For Two On Blue from 1990. The cassette featured a guest appearance by Warren Burt on Althoff’s instruments, and a radio piece. As well as the freely downloadable/streaming tracks, the Archive features Althoff’s original liner notes accompanied by his thoughts on the release today, along with photos of Althoff and Burt’s live performance of the title piece in 1987. Access this all for free or purchase the CDR version from

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Coming soon:
Ernie Althoff Thirty More reissue (free download or CDR) – the final instalment in the Ernie Althoff Cassette Archive.