Virtual Proximity 2

Following the 2009 release of Virtual Proximity by Australian saxophonist/producer James Annesley, Virtual Proximity 2 takes the concept of dark, cinematic jazz/electronica to a whole new level. Ambient field recordings and earthy drum loops underpin powerful instrumental performances, creating an eerie sonic picture that is steeped in shifting textures and compelling moods. The track selection is eclectic in nature, by turns hard and industrial, silky and sensual and nightmarishly menacing.

Virtual Proximity 2 is available in digital format only, from, iTunes and many other digital music stores.

James Annesley – soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones, bass clarinet, flute, percussion, programming, loops, samples.
Tristan Courtney – double bass (track 4), electric bass (track 5).
Hugh Stuckey – guitar (track 4).
Patrick Thiele – trumpet (tracks 7 &10).

All tracks composed by James Annesley, except Track 5 by James Annesley and Tristan Courtney, Track 10 by James Annesley and Patrick Thiele, Track 4 by James Annesley and Hugh Stuckey. Mixed and produced by James Annesley Mastered by Philip Rex Artwork by James Fosdike

(forwarded from James Annesley).


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Its great to have my stuff posted in this fine blog.