undue noise in castlemaine sept 24 8pm

An exciting evening of rather special music – the extended saxophone techniques of Rosalind Hall, the extraordinary voice manipulations of Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, the “psychological terror” of Thembi Soddell, Catherine Schieve’s sruti boxes and Warren Burt’s computer & home-made electronics.

Saturday 24th Sept 8pm
ICU 1 Halford St Castlemaine
$10. tickets at door. enquiries 0421786595

Rosalind Hall & Alice Hui-Sheng Chang
Rosalind & Alice explore similarities between the abstract voice and the saxophone and the production of extreme timbres and textures. Rosalind makes modifications to the saxophone that radically changes the sound of and approach to the instrument. She crafts individual reeds from many materials, transforming the reed into a sensitive and volatile sound source, with ever-changing properties. She also uses objects in the bell so that the vibrations and playing techniques are altered, creating a unique dialogue between player and instrument. Alice Improvises with extended vocal technique in the hope of evoking a psychological connection to indescribable feelings. Her work explores various combinations of layering and interactivity of extended techniques via interaction with the soundscape, acoustic properties of the environment and with attention given to visual and spatial associations.

Thembi Soddell
“the real highlight was the psychological terror induced by Thembi Soddell’s performance. With the lights turned off and a request for quiet (even the rattling fridges were silenced), Soddell, hidden from view, created an amazingly evocative soundscape of unspecified but terrifying dread coming towards us slowly from a distance. An intensifying rumble augmented by half-human, half-animal shrieks reaches its zenith and then sucks back down, vacuum-like, to aringing almost-silence, only to begin again. With a fine balance between augmented field recording and machine noise Soddell perfectly controls this exhilarating journey into her unconscious—or is it our own?” … Gail Priest in Realtime 103. First solo appearance in Castlemaine by this Bendigo born artist.

Warren Burt & Catherine Schieve
Warren Burt and Catherine Schieve will be performing on a variety of home-made and custom built musical instruments. Warren will be performing on his new "Nano-board," a small electro-acoustic percussion instrument made from off-the-shelf hardware, while Catherine will be performing with her collection of Sruti Boxes, custom-built Indian drone harmoniums. Warren's netbook will also undoubtedly make an appearance."

Punctum & Undue Noise present this event with assistance from Arts Victoria's Victoria Rocks program and cajid media.