Wunderlust Tape Launch - Revolver Upstairs - 27 Aug 2011

The greatest songs have been sung; the best played and re-played many times! So whats a band to do when all the deepest, most remarkable music has already happened? Perhaps what's needed is a different kind of music; the music of poets, madmen, artists, monks, yogis, shamans, eccentrics, magicians, anarchists and rare, bizarre sub-culturites such as the kraut-rockers & psychedelic speed freaks of Japan. Perhaps the ever-fresh, unusual and irrepressible sounds of WUNDERLUST embody the energy of the 'off-beat'? And maybe their new album 'LUST TAPES epitomises 'unpredictable' and actualises a new sonic bliss!? And absolutely, undeniably, without question nor hesitation should you employ your curious mind to walk your wondrous ass to Revolver Upstairs on Saturday August 27th for the 'LUST TAPES' album launch! Joined by sonic-sorcerer Oren Ambarchi and his axe-wielding octet 'HUSBANDS' & the harmonious, garage-sci-fi-psychedelia of synth-melodist 'OTHER PLACES', this is a special and rare event for all who seek a new way of thinking...or for those who just like weird, hot, loud shit. Doors 9pm. $10 on the door.

(forwarded from Wunderlust)