VJ Union Australia is a fresh new project with a purpose of promoting and furthering the development of VJ scene around the Australia with focus on awareness to the arts as well as education to the public and marketing of Australian performing VJs, Nationally and Internationally.

The aim is to develop complete Australian-wide registry of Active VJs, AV performers and Video Installation Artists(www.VJUnionAustralia.com/vj/) which would become a a connecting point between Artists, Clubs, Events and Promoters.

Among the main features of the website you'll also find a news stream that responds to up to date VJ related events, announcements in the visual field, Artists Interviews plus Software, Hardware reviews and updates..

While the Site is still quite young, you can also expect many new features to be added as the site grows. Registration is open to All Australian based VJs. International performers who have performed in Australia or set to perform in near future are welcome.



(forwarded from Grig Korotkikh)