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New stuff available from Shame File mailorder

Undecisive God "RPMs 3-4" CD - "RPMs 3x3" and "RPMs 4" are the continuation of a series of compositions for turntables that began in 2008. This concept acts as a basic structure for exploration of different turntable settings, preparations and interactions. All four parts of the series released so far work primarily with layers of broken records/vinyl shards on each turntable, which creates a percussive yet chaotic effect as the tone arm skips from shard to shard, playing brief snatches of music from each. Two other tracks are included - another turntable piece and a collage of field recordings. Ltd edition 100 copies - AU$10ppd

**Also newly available is a previously unreleased Undecisive God track "Non Play", on the Bleak Metal online compilation from New Weird Australia. Download it for nix.

Screwtape "S&M" mini CD - Extremely harsh and loud, sample and feedback-based work that smacks you around the chops the way only Screwtape can. - AU$7ppd

Dark Passenger/Infinite Decimals "Dark Decimals" casette - Dark Passenger provides cinematic ambient guitar drone sketches, whilst Infinite Decimals offer a longer minimalist guitar and bass jam - AU$7ppd

Various Artists "Knife Culture" 2CD - A cross section of the dark fringes of Melbourne experimental and noise music, featuring Sean Baxter, Marco Fusinato, Rod Cooper, Dead Boomers, Screwtape and many more - AU$30ppd

Dotabata "Cursed Earth" cassette - One of the more interesting of the current crop of Melbourne harsh noise artists, this tape showcases subtly developing noisescapes created from effects, field recordings and contact microphones. AU$5ppd

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