BLACK MARKET - Gasometer - 17th August 2011

This Wednesday 17th August:

+ CANDLESNUFFER - Solo guitar/electronics from one of Australia's most interesting and innovative guitarists, Dave Brown.

+ F L A T H E A D - Terry McDermott (software) and Piers Morgan (hardware). Feedback guitar discharges textures ranging from delicate and brittle to cacophonous and dense. These sonic streams are refracted by frozen percussive interjections and granulated using custom-built software, to be projected into the void...

+ MILITARY POSITION/SPASMOSLOP - Crawling hypnotic black noise dirge from Harriet Morgan (bass/electronics) and Nik Kennedy (vocals/electronics)

+ BIG BIRD & THE SMELLY DICKS - rowdy hardcore punk from your ol' mate Big Bird and some other smelly blokes

$5 entry

The Gasometer
424 Smith St. Collingwood