We, The Masters (installation) - City Square 21 Jul - 7 Aug 2011

(forwarded from David Chesworth):
Sonia Leber and David Chesworth
We, The Masters

Runs 5pm to 10pm from 21 July to 7 August
City Square Swanston Street, Melbourne

Sonia Leber and David Chesworth have recorded hundreds of intimate vocalisations between people and their animals for a new sound-based installation. Part of a series of new works curated by ACCA for the City Square, Leber and Chesworth’s We, The Masters captures the inventive and at times hilarious things we say to our pets.

Leber and Chesworth have used raw material from everyday life – parks, veterinary clinics, animal training schools, farms and zoos - to capture the highly personal way people talk to their animals. We, The Masters captures the various tones, melodies and patterns of speech used by owners when communicating with their pets, often formed through repetition and habit. With the sounds of the animals edited out, the voices appear to be calling out directly, and commanding, cajoling and encouraging, the passersby.

Rows of bunting are suspended across the footpath along Swanston Street, like a text-based scrabble of possible words and part-words, highlighting the inventive voice-play we can hear in the soundscape.

We, The Masters shows alongside a new work by Laresa Kosloff, Office Skate, which captures people undertaking work and leisure activities within the built environment.

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