Roil at Undue Noise Wed 27th July Bendigo

Old Fire Station, View St, Bendigo
Wed July 27, 8pm, $10
supported by Planet Caravan (improv) and Jacques Soddell (laptop) - details below

ROIL is a collaboration between pianist Chris Abrahams (well known foe his work with The Necks), bassist Mike Majkowski, and drummer James Waples. Formed in 2007, this Sydney-based trio has been developing their own approach to jazz improvisation. There is a controlled elegance to Roil’s music — not that this precludes the energetic. The music has an eddying quality that moves between group utterance and multi–stranded counterpoint, a weaving of textures that coagulate to form unified phrases before dispersing once more into the churning invention…

“A beautifully weighted trio, full of delicacy, mesmerizing accumulations of detail and engulfing power ” (John Clare)
“…this essay in sound challenges preconceptions…” (Roger Mitchell)
“…bright piano, rich bass and bass drum packing a mighty punch.” (John Shand)

Planet Caravan - local improv group with Justin Bull (guitar plus), Mathew Underwood (sax) Simon Howard (erdhu plus) Pat Underwood (vibes, hammond), Paul Fletcher (whatever) and Pete Byrne (drums)

Jacques Soddell - a live version of new water based piece, using Cedric Peyronnet's sample of the Taurion River) about to be released on mini-cd in France