Hmm... a festival of Hand Made Music! 9-28th August 2011

Performances, workshops, demonstrations. Original artists, original instruments.

Get inside the art and craft of of contemporary instrument building and design with the 2011 Hmm... festival.

Hacked robots, bent toys, recycled resonators, fruit synthesisers, mashed machines, recombinant violins, human circuits, they all make music!

Meet the makers and learn how to make your own bent sonic future.

Throughout August Hmm... will visit Melbourne contemporary art and performance spaces BUS Projects, KIPL and West Space, and feature installations and performances from the cream of local, interstate and international experimental artists; Tom Baker, Dale Chapman, Rod Cooper, Alex Cuffe, cleaninglady, Eric Demetriou, Paul Fletcher, Cor Fuller, Dale Gorfinkel, Ceri Hann, Melissa Hunt, John Jacobs, Ben Koliatis, The Earl of Lunchington, Anthony Magen, Ross Manning, Sally McIntyre, Brian McNamara, Riki Metisse-Marlow, Dylan Martorell, Teik-Kim Pok, Eamon Sprod, Vijay Thillaimuthu, Jason Uithol, Chris Vik, Nick Wishart.

For more information regarding participating artists, dates, venues and admission costs please visit

Print-ready images, artist and curator interviews all available on request.


Hand Made Music Festival 2011 is a grass-roots, maker’s initiative supported by NEXTWAVE, BUS Projects, KIPL and West Space.

(forwarded from John Jacobs - also see the Experimental Melbourne calendar for all the festival events)


Anonymous said…
Sounds like made fun! I'll keep an eye out for what's going on in town... thanks for the post!

Kristian said…
whoops, totally missed the month. ha ha

Will you guys be doing something similar in 2012?

Patch Wrangler said…
Hi kristian, it was lots of fun and we hope to run the festival again next year 2012. You can keep up to date with future Hmm news by subscribing to our email list. Just go to the home page and click on the newsletter button at the top right
Cheers John