Tuesday June 28th @ the Make It Up Club

This week at MIUC we have two groups featuring electric guitar and bass clarinet from some masters of deeply empathic free improvisation. A rare performance from Christopher Young, whose controlled microphone feedback and delay augmenting incredible bass clarinet technique is always immersive, with long-time collaborator and virtuoso of microtonal interplay, Tom Fryer. And three improvisers famous for their intimate and quickfire listening responses, and vast coverage of timbre and frequency: Ren Walters, Adam Simmons and Steve Law

Ren Walters (guitar), Adam Simmons (bass clarinet) and Steve Law (electronics)
Tom Fryer (guitar ) and Christopher Young (bass clarinet)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
05/07/2011: Jorge Ramirez (Mexico) with Pete Hyde: Kevin CK Lo; Shane Van Den Akker, Mark Skelton and Zac Von Bamburger.
12/07/2011: Lukas Simonis (Netherlands) with Dave Brown; Old Growth Cola (Bris).
19/07/2011: The Swamp, featuring: Brad Smith, Jack Whitcroft,Leo Whitcroft and Nik Kennedy; Piers Morgan and Terry McDermott.