New cassettes available on Shame File Music

Brand new Undecisive God cassette released on Altered States "RPMs 2" continues my developing series of prepared turntable experiments within a basic compositional structure. Also on the B-side are further pieces for turntables as well as guitar and vocals. Ltd edition of 40 copies, professionally produced. More in the RPMs series coming soon with a Shame File Music CD release...

Dick Threats "Meat Cash" cassette - "Meat Cash" is built from a series of quick cut movements, each hinged on overdriven and abused rhythms. Pounding industrial noise filth and simple analogue electronics colour movement throughout, though often these gestures are pushed into a sweaty alliance with an ecstatic pulse seeking physical interpretation. The Dick Threats modus operandi: low fidelity dance noise (ltd edition of 100).

Von Einem/Screwtape cassette - Screwtape's split series continues with Von Einem, Mark Groves (you may also know him from Dick Threats and Dead Boomers) new solo noise project that takes its theme and name from a series of murders that took place in South Australia. Screwtape's side is a solid chunk of distortion and feedback that nearly completely (but not quite) obscures the voice-based samples that lay beneath. Limited edition of 100 copies.

All three cassettes are available from Shame File Music in limited quantities, so be quick.