VICMOD records looking for Aussie artists

VICMOD Records has only been in around since Feb 2010 and so far have released 15 albums from artist around the globe. As we are Aussies and are based in Melbourne, we are always on the look out for new artists who are pushing the boundary of electronic music. I live in the country now and its hard to keep up with what is happening.

If you feel you can organise a focused abstract / experimental release ( album length) email us.
vicmodrecords at gmail dot com

In the meantime here are some amazing cassette only releases for the year

9 Casettes to grab so far this year

Ben Vida – Music For Soft Epic (Roots Strata)

Million Mist – Original Motion (Gift Tapes)

J. Hanson – New Ruined Maps (Draft)

Various - Pacific Support (Draft)

A Diller – Still Life (Draft)

M. Geddes Gengras – This Could Be The Last Time (Stunned)

Watersports - Natural History (Dog Daze Tapes)

Samantha Glass – Synthetic Daydreams (Digitalis Ltd)

U Made Ship – Eclectronics (Digitalis Ltd)