Realm ov Azab - Old Bar - 2 June 2011

(forwarded from Cancer Makhluk):

2nd night of the upcoming winter that will descend upon the inhabitants of the Southern release the Beast ov winter into the Realm ov Azab !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marco Fusinato ( harsch noise / elektronixxxx)...

Malam ( gloom and doom noise )

Wurms ( psychedelik stoner doom!!! )

Hordes of the Black Cross ( Anti Cult Black Fucking Metal )

DJ Dômïnüs Jàydôrtiüm fééble skréé'

Raw, True, orthodox, ambient, atmospheric, blackened crust, bleak, dark, un black, black, RA, NS, TN, DS, US, NES, BM melancholic audio arts

2030hrs Old Bar
2 June 2011