Infinite Decimals DVD launch - Northcote Uniting Church - 6 May 2011

(forwarded from Zac Keiller):

Dreamland Recordings is very proud to present INFINITE DECIMALS DVD version of their recent Cd release. The DVD uses three different approaches (Super 8/16mm, installation and digital works) to create avideo for each of the three tracks from the Dreamland released Cd,"2.54421781.. ".

infinite decimals launch this DVD on Friday (6th May) as part of avery special night of performances at the Northcote Uniting Church featuring interstate and local acts. Each performance promises to be unique in taking advantage of this acoustic setting - infinite decimals themselves intending to use the original church pipe organ.

Lineup and set times:

This Is Your Captain Speaking - 11-11.45
Ghost Notes (Bris) - 10-10.45
Infinite Decimals- 9-9.45
Ghost of 29 Megacycles (Perth)- 8 - 8.45
Mt Augustus (solo) 7.30 - 7.50

DVD available on night for special price of $8, entry is $10