HandMadeMusic Booteak - Bus Gallery - 3 May 2011

HandMadeMusic Booteak >> Bus Gallery Tues 3rd May from 7:30pm $5/7

To boot up the forthcoming Hand Made Music festival we’re inviting you to a booteak kick-starter deep underground at the Bus Gallery on Tues. 3rd of May from 7:30 - 10:30pm as part of their Unstructured multi-artist exhibition.

The evening will be a chance for the experimental instrument scene to come together, show our works, jam, chat and skill-share in a truly unstructured way in an intimate setting. Circuit bent TVs and toys, kinetic noise sculptures, cybernetic circuits, motors, rotors, resonators and more.

Bus Gallery is in the basement level of Donkey Wheel House at 673 Bourke Street, near Spencer St. station.

The Hand Made Music festival is being launched by Rod Cooper, John Jacobs and Ben Kolaitis as a collective platform for artists to celebrate and encourage the creation of handmade experimental sound devices.

Hmm is for makers by makers, featuring original artists and their original instruments, with performance, exhibition and workshop strands.

Melbourne, Australia late August 2011 http://handmademusic.me/

(Image of Duck/Horse by Oskar N used with permission under a CC AT ND Licence)

(forwarded from John Jacobs)