Atticus - FortyFiveDownstairs - 28 Mar 2011

(forwarded from Judith Hamann):

My latest repertoire project Atticus perform their first concert this March, featuring string quartets from the past two decades. This is a new group formed with three dear string playing friends, who are all dedicated to the performance of new music for string quartet.

In a concert of stark contrasts in both style and intensity, with each member contributing repertoire ideas, Atticus will perform the Australian premiere of Liza Lim's exploration of fragility and instability in 'HELL' (1992) and the world premiere of Shaun Rigney's 'The Circular Ruins' (2004). The concert also features the subtle rhythmic shifting of Wally Gunn's 'Skin and Bone' (2006) and finally, rarely heard in Australia, Helmut Lachenmann’s 'Streichquartette No.3 Grido’ (2002), a visceral and demanding exploration of acoustic concrete that stretches the very limits of the technical and timbral possibilities of the string quartet.

Liza Lim - HELL
Shuan Rigney - The Circular Ruins
Wally Gunn - Skin and Bone
Helmut Lachenmann - Streichquartette No. 3 'Grido'
7:30pm March 28th