Abre Ojos - Chakra DVD Release

Seven tracks based on the Chakras created using a Eurorack modular synthesizer and some vocals with reactive visuals made in Quartz Composer. The gear set up pics are below. The audio has been professionally mastered by Gregg Janman at Hermetech Mastering and you get DVD quality 16:9 video. The inside cover includes a link to download high quality FLAC or 320k MP3 for your computer or portable audio device. Over 90 minutes of immersive drones and visuals.

The DVD is a hand numbered limited edition of 100 copies and every disc comes with an Abre Ojos sticker. They are $20USD (about $10AUD at the current rate of exchange) each including shipping to wherever you are in the world/country. Purchase at http://abreojos.net via Paypal.

Track listing (click the names for links to vimeo versions) :

  1. Root
  2. Sacral
  3. Solar Plexus
  4. Heart
  5. Throat
  6. Brow
  7. Crown (only available on the DVD)