Tuesday, 22 February 2011

2011 - What are your plans for this year?

We've missed New Year resolution window, but I'm curious as to what everyone around Melbourne has planned for 2011 as far as your music is concerned. What projects do you have planned for this year? What are your goals?

Please post your plans for the year as comments to this post.

Clinton - blogfurher.


Nickamc said...

Playing the MIUC next week is one of my resolutions already done away with, I'd love to play a Stutter, as well as put out a couple more releases this year, work on some genre-bending theatre and clean-up and re-release my ill-bent digital zine project goofbang.

May this declaration set me on this path.


Zac said...

To release and launch another solo album, and tour an overseas act on a budget of sod all. Both of which I aim to do before the year is up.

Sasha said...

At least one more release in the (planned) series of albums of binaurally recorded material which started with http://automating.bandcamp.com/album/bin-01. At least one other release. At least one more cassette split release. Play a show in at least three different countries in Europe. Develop a reliable and versatile live setup. Learn to use my synth. More field recordings.

Clinton said...

Oooh, any hint on who the OS Act is, Zac?

Clinton said...

Play live more. Investigate turntables further as instruments in themselves - their own sound, sans records, also as acoustic instruments. I hope to release one, possibly two, things inspired by Joyce's "Finnegan's Wake". Make a big effort to complete my Masters in Music. And begin my the freight train symphony I've been musing about for at least a decade.

Zac said...

Don't have an OS act in particular, a list of them, and will hopefully find the most suitable to work with the methodology.

smellthestench1 said...

release ,trade buy heaps so many cool releases out this year and hopefully find a nice girl ...

cos said...

I need to get back into seeing more of your shows (all of you) and shoot more of them with my burgeoning collection of film cameras.

bxckxtrxdxr said...

- get Make it Up Club funded, so I can hand it over.
- release solo acoustic record.
- release solo noise record.
- play Overground.
- Play Basel avant percussion festival.
- Italian tour with Valerio Tricoli.
- Holiday in Palermo with the wife.
- go to stacks of killer and inspiring shows in melbs.

...ah, but these are only plans.

Clinton said...

Mmmmm...more Overground - yes please!

Ninja Gaijin said...

2011 jungle revival. 2011 darkstep revival - 2008 all over again, but this time with something goin on in Melbourne.

Year of the amen against amun.

Mashing up big parties for all the tension we feel. Finding at least one CBD venue with a decent system that is supportive of underground music.