David Brown and Adam Simmons - Monkey - 23 Jan 2011

Sunday 23 January
David Brown - prepared guitar
Adam Simmons - shakuhachi, contrabass clarinet
plus a special mystery international guest performance
David and Adam return for their first gig in 2011. Their last gig at Monkey in December was standing room only, so come early to ensure a seat. It is an odd combination with David's prepared guitar - played with chains, mini-fans, metal clips and wires attached - and Adam's odd pairing of shakuhachi and contrabass clarinet, but it works.
And for this gig there will be a special surprise guest performer all the way from the other side of the world. No expense is spared here at Monkey!!
"the best thing I've heard you do" - regular Monkey patron to Adam after December's gig.
(forwarded from David Brown).