Transmissions From Pyongyang

Four bands have been brought together to release one sonic message bathed in the visual projections of Paul Rogers, one of Melbourne’s most original and pioneering VJs.

The show encompasses the seafaring auditory narratives of Cuba is Japan, with drummer Cameron Potts press-ganged back into service after a stint at sea with Bordoms. The intergalactic depravity of Slocombe’s Pussy with their full arsenal of psycho-delic phonic weaponry, warming up ready for the launch of their 53 minute DVD debut in early 2011.

Agonhymn and their own concoction of venomous black jazz, oozing like aluminum sludge flowing from a ruptured tailings dam in the picturesque countryside of Western Hungry. And Abre Ojos, the one-man modular synth pyromaniac pitting man against machine with scrambled electronics and projections provoking metacognitive reflection…

This is the first presentation under the auspices of Supercriticality Records.

$10 entry, doors on 830pm at the Tote Hotel, Thursday 4th